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SQUID with software synths on iPad - yes?

Hello Everyone,

Currently, I use my TORAIZ SP-16 in one channel of a mixer and in the other channel the output of some software synths that are running on an iPad that I play with a MIDI keyboard. Before I invest in a SQUID I have a couple of questions:

1) What's the recommended connection to drive my software synths on an iPad with a SQUID? I have not seen that in any of the tutorials or demos.

2) I suppose the SQUID cannot connect wirelessly to send/receive MIDI data. Correct? Is there some recommended way (or hack) to do this though (for example as Lemur on an iPad would)?

Thanks for your help!

Zig Zag



Hey guys,

@Roy thanks for the quick response and I'm glad that the squid is working for you with the ipad.


@Zig Zag As far as a mixer it really depends how many channels you need, I've seen guys use a DJM-900 Mixer and other a 32 Channel console. It depends on what your setup consist of and how much hardware you have. 

Dj Creme
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Hi - I just checked and you can play IOS synths from the Squid.

I set a track up on the squid to point to USB channel 1.

I connected a USB cable to an Apple Camera Connection Kit and plugged that into my iPad. 

I opened a synth on the iPad and set it to receive notes from the Squid on channel 1.

I pressed play and recorded some notes into the Squid which played back just fine.

I don't see any wireless connections on the Squid.

roy shade 1 票
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Cool! Many thanks for that Roy!

I have one more question if you (or others) don't mind. With all this connectivity that the SQUID allows, what kind of mixer do you use to bring it all back together in a live performance (or a hybrid DJ set)? A four channel mixer (e.g. DJM 900 nexus I own) doesn't seem to cut it. 

Zig Zag 0 票
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