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DVS Vinyl settings

Hi, I just started to use DVS with DJM-450 and Timecoded vinyl. I want to know is there a possibility to configure starting position of vinyl in Absolute mode? I mean right now the code (for example) 0000 on the groove associated with track position 0:00, but I want to associate code for example 0100 with time 0:00 so I will move starting point from the edge of the record. My needle skips sometimes close to the record edge.

I know there is such option in software called Mixxx. Is it available in Rekordbox? If not, is it possible to request it?

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You posted this to the Product & Feature Suggestions forum, where we don't necessarily reply; if you were looking for support, perhaps one of the other sections would have been more appropriate.

To answer your question, no - there's no current way to reconfigure the start position.

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