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My sugestions to update Squid

  • you can’t simply “delete all notes” in a pattern without losing the pattern settings (e.g. scale/key or pattern length). The workaround is that instead of deleting the pattern you should select all triggers in each page individually and delete them at once. Pretty annoying, however the UNDO function can mitigate this in most situations
  • You can’t set SCALE or KEY globally e.g. you need to set it on each track ( Please, put Global in that )
  • If you have a SCALE set the Chord sets sound pretty weird as a result of the notes being transposed to their nearest in-scale values. Hard to explain this but I found most chords in a progression to be basically the same (so instead of 16 variations, depending on the scale you’re in, the actual amount of chords is 3-4)
  • I'd like to modulate the Speed mod & Speed control.
  • Song mode?? Please
Francis Velazquez




The SCALE mode is a big fail on this device as is. Why they decided to spread one octave over all 16 pads instead of doing it the way it's done on the SP-16 is mind boggling.

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