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RB imports SOME of my cue points but not all

So despite ongoing dialouge with Tech support sending screen shots, folders etc etc this problem has still not been resolved! (one of many!) So I sync from my my laptop to my usb drive 3 folders-I can see all my cue points in every track bit on the laptop and on the usb drive. I then import the same 3 playlists changing NO settings into my main pc. Last week after importing all 3 playlists showed only 15 tracks from each folder had the cue points!!!!!!!!!!! Today with another 4 playlists to import to my main pc, 2 playlists had ALL the hot cues and 2  had NONE!" I dumped down from 5.6.0 to 5.4.2 after reading tips form other peeps, but it has still not solved the issue I am almost done with RB., because also although AUTO EXPORT IS OFF, so many times it auto exports all on it;s own and then auto deletes all my playlists as they were made on the laptop but were not showing in the main pc! 




I see your ticket is being handled by our rekordbox engineers; closing this forum post.

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