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Hot Cue Auto Load - Rekordbox Settings

Hey guys,

I am a little confused about the "Hot Cue Auto Load" settings in rekordbox.

I generally know what it is about. (if auto load is activated: hot cues of a new track will load automatically without the need of holding the call button on the CDJ 2000 nexus).


In rekordbox, I have two possibilities for activating "Hot Cue Auto Load".

Once under Preferences -> CDJ & Device -> My Settings. By default, it is on "rekordbox SETTING". What exactly does that "rekordbox SETTING" do? 

And then again, under Preferences -> CDJ & Device -> Hot Cue, I again have an option "Hot Cue Auto Load" which I can check or uncheck.

Last but not least: I can activate or deactivate auto load for every track.

So I am a little confused about what are the right settings to activate hot cue auto load?

Someone who can help me with that? 

Alexander Daum