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Sync playlist structure with folder structure

I am an open format dj and my collection contains a lot of genres and sub-genres

I created my folder structure in such a way so that I can sort my music as soon I download it.

example: I download a liquid drum & bass song and it goes to Music / Drum & Bass / Liquid / 2019-3-Summer

example 2: another drum & bass song and it goes to Music / Drum & Bass / Melodic & Uplifting / 2019-3-Summer

example 3: bass house song goes to Music / House / Bass-House / 2019-3-Summer

The same for hip-hop, reggae, dubstep, dub, minimal, techno, funky house, breaks, deep house and so on... 

So just imagine my workflow every week checking and syncing over 30+ subfolders with my playlists... I'm at the point of just copying my folder on to a USB flash drive and using it the old fashion way in CDJs.

A solution coud be:

User: sets root music folder

Rekordbox: Creates folders and playlists based on that folder structure. (Creates folders & subfolders until you reach the last subfolder and make that a playlist.)

Or a different solution would be playlists and sub-playlists (in which a playlist can contain songs and other playlists) and sync that with the file structure)







This particular feature was requested for years.

And / Or the possibility to search for expressions in the folder view (like Traktor does).


back to your request, these 2 scripts will create playlists automatically. They will not be resynced automatically of course.

[7] MAC folders to itunes playlist: https://dougscripts.com/itunes/scripts/ss.php?sp=droptoaddnmake
[8] Windows folders to itunes playlists: http://samsoft.org.uk/iTunes/scripts.asp





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