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I hate your limitations on your products. Free up your stuff!

Hello Pioneer Team,

I hate your limitations on your products.
I now own one DJm750 Mk2, two XDJ1000Mk2 and one DDJXP1 (total price about 4000€ new). What really disturbs me is that all possibilities only work with the very expensive devices.

Pro DJ Link:
Why doesn't it work if I connect my XDJ1000Mk2 via DJ Link with Rekordbox that my DJM 750Mk2 is also synchronized via USB with the BPM signal of Rekordbox? It must be possible to send the Pro DJ Link signal via USB without LAN connection to the mixer? Also the fact that the Rekordbox effects are not usable via DJ Link is really annoying.

HID Mode:
Why can't I display the phase meter (type 1 or 2) on my XDJ1000Mk2 when everything is connected via HID Mode? All I want to do is place my laptop next to me and use it as a library browser.
Everything else like waveform and phase meter etc. runs on the display of the XDJs.
But no, Pioneer doesn't allow that, both versions have limitations.

I've been using Pioneer stuff since the release of the DJM500 and 600. I've always been happy with your products but it's really hard to get excited about your products without winning the lottery. I can't afford to buy your Nexus stuff so I can design my setup the way I want it to be. Too bad I take some limitations in purchase when I buy the cheaper devices but why almost all devices are made worse by software limitations simply I do not understand.

Do something for your loyal customers.

I really hate it.






Further limitations to artifically make Hardware worse than it is.

I recently downloaded the RMX 1000 App in the app store in the hope, that it will bring some more effects to my DJM-750 Mk2 and my sets. But wrongthought, this app only works 100% wit a DJM-900NXS2. The Auto beat synchronization for the app is not spported by my 750 mixer, so I always have to adjust the BPM value of the effects manually- This is just not up to date for a digital mixer. On a Pioneer FAQ page it was mentioned, that this function is only available for the NXS2. However, this was not mentioned in the app store and so I want my money back for this pointless app.

Why the hell can´t I do midi mapping in Rekordbox for my Hardware as I would like? There is alway something locked or not available. The DDJ-XP1 or DJM750 Mk2 can easily be used in Raktor with anny mapping I want. Why can´t this be done in Rekordbox?

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@Martin > The main reason the app can't draw the BPM from the CDJ grid is that the DJM-750MK2 does not have a connection for the ProDJ Link to get the grid; it has to read the tempo from the audio signal, the same way many of our mixers automatically read the BPM. That data is then sent over the USB S/R to the RMX-1000 app.

You certainly can map the DJM-750MK2 and DDJ-XP1 within rekordbox. What is it you're trying to do but can't?

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