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Disable crossfader Video

IS it possible to disable video trans from crossfader so mixning video is connected to each channel instead.

I make it work with some videotranseffects if the videocrossfader is in middle/neutral bit so east to touch it.
So if its possible to disable videocrossfader it will be the easy way. But Cant find how in the midi mapping section.

Or other way?

Using PC and DDj1000

Henrik Esping




Me as well. Since video transitions are defined by the cross fader and not channel volume sliders, this has prevented me from purchasing Video. I'm sure a lot of others are interested as well as most DJ's I know ( non scratching turntablist DJ's) don't even use the cross fader. We all use the volume sliders for transitions. Adding ANOTHER step during a song change is just a headache while mixing tracks.

Thanks! :D

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Found a temp solution when i was playing with video effects thats work perfect for this.

Have Always transition FX at additive (left from crossfader at video) and turn off AV sync (right from crossfader at video)

Do not use Touch FX deck 1 & 2 and master.
Just those 2 above (additive as transition and AV sync off)

Temp solution of our problem / request

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