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WARNING: rekordbox 5.6.0 Can Corrupt ID Tags (Track Titles/Artists/etc) in Track/Category Filter mode and/or Crash

I gig weekly and I during prep, I started noticing that track fields (namely titles, artists, etc) started being missed tagged over the last few weeks.  I thought I might have been at fault for accidentally overwriting these track fields but I just discovered rekordbox has been overwriting fields in track filter mode.

I don't know how many hundreds of files that this might have corrupted over the last few weeks but you all might want to be aware of this if you are running into the same.

Here's how to reproduce on macos (10.14.x):

1. Turn on track or category filter mode.

2. Click on a track field in the filtered list so the field turns into edit mode. 

3. Change a filter parameter so that list changes.

4. The updated filtered list also has the track that is in the same position in the old filter with the field *also in edit mode* and navigating the list will overwrite that track with the previous track you were in edit mode on. ---> *HOLY EFF!!! <---

Also, please note that attempting to replicate this repeatedly ended up consistently crashing rekordbox as well, so I guess I won't be using track/category filter mode until this is resolved. :(

I have the horrendous task of trying to figure out which files of my 10K library have been corrupted by rekordbox. 

Not very happy about this and hoping this post saves others the grief of discovering that same or having rekordbox crash during a gig.







Ok, the crashing is a red-herring. When I was reproducing I did not have any tracks playing and was hitting ESC to cancel the edit mode... duh.

The other track corruption issue is still happening and definitely reproducible.

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