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Toraiz SQUID - GENERAL TRANSPOSITION at different heights from different octaves, in real time / for selected sequences, using a MIDI keyboard

Congratulations to the Sequencer Toraiz SQUID that you designed, but the use is affected by the completion of an existing function: GENERAL TRANSPOSITION!

1. I need in the musical genre that I interpret (Berlin School), to change in real time, the height at which the general sequencing is done, in order to be able to harmonize the melodic line with the height at which the general sequencing is done (of the active sequences that are run simultaneously), so the transposition function needs to be completed so that I can do general real-time / at any height from any octave, transposition to all sequences running simultaneously, using a MIDI keyboard, and all sequences to remain active at the level at which they were transposed / until the next transposition, after the keyboard key was released, so that it does not require holding the hand on the keyboard, to maintain the transposition.

It is not a request that requires a new function, but only the need to complete an existing function !

2. At the same time, it is necessary to be able to select the sequences that want to be transposed in real time, from the total of the sequences that run simultaneously, for example: there are 6 sequences that run and I want to do transposition in real time only to 4 sequences, in the variant mentioned in item number 1 above .

3. When might this be possible / can an calendar date be estimated ?

Thank you !

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We've passed the feedback to the product team but don't have any information on if or when the suggestions could be implemented. Thank you for your feedback.

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Today I have the opportunity of a very good price offer, at a store, for Toraiz Squid, but I have not received any response here in the forum and I do not know what decision to take!
After all, is it possible to update the transposition option, as I mentioned above, or not, to know what decision to make today ?!

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