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Feature Requests - DDJ-800 & Rekordbox - Regarding Track Ending Warnings

Hi guys, new to the world of DJ controllers and jumped in the deep end with the DDJ-800 recently.  Enjoying it so far but I have a couple ideas for some tweaks regarding track ending warnings.

First, one thing I noticed is that when a song is ending there is no visual feedback on the controller.  In Rekordbox Performance mode, the waveform flashes slow at -30 sec and then flashes more urgently at -15 sec.  One thing I'd like to see is some kind of feedback on the jog screen as well - possibly either flashing the center background red (I know the outside goes red for Slip mode, so I would hope that wouldn't cause too much confusion) or alternate the remaining/elapsed time between white and red, or maybe a user-selectable color, at the same rates as the flashing in Rekordbox, or just flashing the waveform similarly to the way it's displayed on Rekordbox would be nice if the others seem like too much to ask.

Additionally, it would be neat if we could custom configure the track end warning times in Rekordbox as to when we get the slow and fast flashing.  Right now it appears locked in at -30 and -15 seconds.  I would prefer mine to be something like -60 and -30 seconds.  It would be nice if we could enter the remaining time values for this warning.

Thank you for your time and attention.





Totally agree with both requests.

Also I really liked on the DDJ-RR that I could set a visual feedback on the jog if it was giving signal to the master output. Something similar would also be nice on the DDJ-800 as well!

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