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pioneer ddj rzx

can they please make the same controller as this one but for serato dj  and call it the pionner ddj szx lik the pioneer ddj rzx so i mena make serato vertion of controller in in  photos meaninfg kepp smae layout design but instead  of it working with reckordbox make it work with serato scents we all ready have  a controller like that works with reckordbox but instead of having plastic macnaiclae jog wheels can they put on metal steel touch capasive jog wheels on it 

like th pioneer ddjr z  and the pioneer ddj sz2 and the pioner ddj sz2n and the pioneer ddj sz n and the pioneer ddj sz s and the pioneer ddj sz all have but everything eles be same 

and can you also amke work iphones ipods ipads any tablets mobile devices  and mayby evan stand alone  but flagship for sure and even a zone out  outputs because the new  roland  707 and the new  deon dj prime 4  both ahve the enw feautre zone out puts