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RB - DMX1 (Good but not good enough)

Hey guys, the progress is incredible, but unfortunately either deliberately limited or not thought over.

i want more flexibility, more real DMX access... for an example, i use LED Par cans with RGBWA+UV Color range. When i want a great White in my show, rb dmx create the Color with R,G,B... this doesen´t work for me, but it looks like bull shit with the Color shadow on the wall. 

Another example, why can´t use the Zoom of My Spot / Wash Moving heads... the way is great, but please give us the flexibility we need.

my idea, not only a macro... a macro for every DMX Channel, brings more power for great shows.


Daniel Wolper




Hey there,

i'm having the same issue. The fixture (a moving head) offers a channel for white, but instead RGB is used to "create" white which looks odd.

First i thought the head is bad, but self test showed the white LED works fine.

Can we get real white if its available?

Cheers, *bump* and thanks,

Sven Michels 0 票
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