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Rekordbox: Gain control


I really miss one feature in rekordbox and I imagine many DJ's would be happy to use it too.

Let me try put it in words.

I imagine something like a gain knob next to waveform preview in browser window.

Problem Description

There's some old music that needs to be boosted. Sometimes it's also unmastered promos I get sent by various musicians. Or recklessly mastered audio-files by underground labels. Well, there's stuff that drops too quietly or too loudly in mixes. Surely, I can use gain knob on a mixer or auto-gain with controller (or learn how to understand waveforms better and practice this skill and blahblahblah). I am an experienced DJ and I can do that. BUT sometimes I don't really want to use the mixer's gain because transients of a snare drum might start clipping whereas the bass would remain too quiet. Also, since the loudness war has gone too far there's some modern tracks I would actually make a little more quiet than they are in original in order to match the levelling of the library's approximate (these waveforms are of the same height as many othera but the level pressure is just way more BIG, hope you get what I mean).

Well, it's just natural that audio is of different levels and I feel a DJ app like rekordbox could come up with a modern solution to this issue.

I need a permanent change to file's volume!

Current Solution

Nowadays I use help of other software to get it fixed from time-to-time but its a hassle, time-consuming and I feel in 2019 this could be implemented in a single app.

I normally open a DAW, I drag'n'drop the file, I search for the limiter plugin, I set the levelling, I overwrite the file, I delete the original from rekordbox, I drag'n'drop it to rekorbox again in order to be sure it will sync the change.

I don't like it.


Technically, my fantasy shouldn't just be a gain knob, but sort of a true peak limiter's threshold with ceiling say up to -1.5 dBFS for mp3 (or file-extention-dependant algorithm with 0 db ceiling for WAV???) in case of boosting.

The easiest solution to this would be overwriting the file after the changes are done (a dialogue window like: WARNING, you're about to overwrite the file), so that everyone could simply sync these songs to their flash drives and use on any player, any firmware. So I truly believe it only needs a new version of rekordbox, not the global update on everything released.

You might want to create a backup folder for those overwritten files so that the original files would still be automatically copied to a folder like this.


There isn't many tracks that need this, but while organising my library or preparing a tracklist for a gig  I sometimes find them and I really need a proper solution by Pioneer.

Hope this inspires you to bring this feature to live.

Keep up the good work and see you on the dance floor :)

Peace and love




Maksim Adel