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Search throughout the Library or iTunes library

Is it possible to search for a song even if it is not positioned on a Playlist that does not contain the File sought?
It would be useful to be able to search for a song in the whole library without having to position myself on "Collection" or in the Itunes Playlist "Tutti I Brani" so to be able to select a priori where the search goes to search. Type Deejay Pro or other software:


When I search in Rekorbox positioned on the Playlist and 80 does not find the "Barry White" present in the Playlist 70, every time you have to move from Playlist and maybe lose the sign of where you were:


In Deejay Pro I have the possibility to search in the whole library of Itunes without moving from the Playlist:

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Command+F instead of CTRL+F will search your whole collection instead of just the location you're currently at. This is intentional.

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Thanks for the reply, but it is not what I meant, "command + f" remains only in the selected playlist, and "CTRL + F" takes me to "collection" so I can search in the whole library, but in fact when I delete the search with its "x" remains on "collection" and does not return the view and the cursor on the playlist from where I started. The aforementioned software (as in the previous print screen) allows the search for everything without losing the sign of where you are positioned. The point is to stay in a playlist and be able to search for any track in the Itunes library or library without leaving the view of the playlist.
However I found a Workaround keeping a second Explorer open all over the Itunes Library, and I assigned it a keyboard shortcut. Example as above "Barry White" positioned in Playlist 70 (DX explorer is placed on the entire Itunes Library):

I hope in a future Upgrade that allows you to select in which library you can search and that after loading the searched song you return to the starting point. Or something like "command-F" and opens the second explorer already positioned in search on the whole library.


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