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Some improvements to the rekordbox.

Hello, I would like to suggest some improvements to the rekordbox. 

1. It would be nice if the Beatport wiretap worked right away. when I click on wave form in library (without loading the entire track)

2. I noticed an error, if the track is analyzed in deck A from the Beatport, and at this time I load the track in deck B, then in deck A the loading is interrupted and there is silence in the track.

3. Please add automatic cues as done in Mixed in key, most of the points I think all DJs put in the same places. It would be easier for me to remove 2-3 and put my own than to put all 8 with signatures every time.

4. Each color I have cue is for a specific part of the track, and one color I can sign with different text. 
For example green color I have means place, where I can mixing. Green well, I can write a few names: Vocal. Synth, Atmospheric, Chops. It would be convenient to have immediately prepared Colors with different signatures, as is done in the library.
Green: Vocals. Synth, Atmospheric, Chops
Red: Outro Mid, Outro Empty, Outro Massive
and so on

5. Please add the ability to drag already assigned points cue. points are often edited, it would be more convenient.

6. I use the DJ 1000 and I often miss one small feature. 
When using the hot Cue, BeatJump, keyshift, I do not know which page I'm on 1 or 2, and I need to look at the monitor, please Add this information to the screens in jogs

7. Please add track structure editor, at least very simple functions, for example: I like to overlay some parts of the track on each other, for this I need to load one track into two decks and mix. 
Sometimes I want to cut breakdown, sometimes cut out some part. For limiting function automatically determines the chorus, breakdown, drop, it would be good if I could disable some parts of the track with a smooth fade in fade out would be good and didn't need to do it in a normal daw

8. Please make it possible to manipulate playlists Beatport and soundcloud directly from the recordbox. drag, drop, move tracks between playlists.

9. Add the Beatport in service Sounddiz.com to copy playlists from Spotify, Apple music, Tidal 

10. And the coolest feature that would probably give me ecstasy is two-way synchronization between playlists Beatport and Spotify :)

Thank you for your work and all the best!

Dj Almaz