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CUE/MEMORY POINT Trigger (AutoStart) Function // rekordbox

Man has only 2 hands - an unfavourable fact for DJs when it comes to the simultaneous operation of CDJs, samplers and DJ mixers. CDJ/ turntable scratching, operating the XP1 sampler, adding and changing FX and then starting a track from a cue point - with two hands - is impossible.

The ability to start one, two or three decks at the same time when reaching a predefined cue point of the active title would be the perfect solution. Once the master deck has reached a certain MemoryCue, a start command is issued for one or more decks. This would be perfect if the Sampler Deck (Sequenze Call) could also be triggered.

The functions CUE TRIGGER (Memory Trigger), would be a massive relief for the simultaneous operation of several DJ devices.

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Mark Rebell