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How to work the Sort Tab?

I don't understand how to work the sort in the smart playlist. When I export to USB and I plug in my CDJ sometime show the playlist sorted by title, other time I haven't idea of the sort used. 

In the USB properties, in the tab "Ordenamiento" (It's in Spanish, I image that in english will be "Sort" or "Sorting" or something...), I have in the first position "Alphabet" and "Default" in the second position (And after these, I've Artist, Album, BPM...)

Please, Could somebody say me how to work this feature???????



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Let's say you have that playlist sorted by artist name, but you open the playlist and want to sort it by the song title, so opening the menu to SORT allows you to select the TITLE as the sort criteria. Likewise, you could also sort the songs by BPM. This is only a temporary sort if you have previously chosen another default order.

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I tried some things to explain my problem better. First, some data about my environment: Windows 10 64Bits, Rekordbox 5.6.0 and CDJ-350

My research:

Test 1:

  1. I created a test SMART Playlist (Important, it is a SMART playlist). I don't sort the list by any column.
  2. I export the playlist to USB and the sort is different
  3. And if I see the USB Sort settings the sort sould be Alphabet (WTF 1)


Test 2: (First, I remove the playlist from the USB)

  1. I sort the local playlist by Artist
  2. I export the playlist to USB and the sort is "correct", the same that my local playlist
  3. BUT, I changed before the sort settings in the USB and the play should be sorted by BPM!!!!! (WTF 2)
  4. I this moment I think: "The algorithm is as follows: RB is ignoring the Tab "Sort", it is using the sort that I'm using y my local smart playlist in the moment of to export"

Test 3: I remove the playlist from the USB again, I change the USB setting again and I put my original setting (1º Alphabet, 2º Default, 3º Artist...), I sort my local playlist by BPM, I export my playlist to USB and... surprise!!! The exported playlist is sorted by Artist!!! (WTF 3)

Test 4: I was doing some extra tests and I've checked this (And this is the WTF 4 xD):

  1. Rekordbox ignore the Sort setting that I use in the "Sort" tab or this Tab have a logic that I don't understand (This was my original question...)
  2. For me, Rekordbox have a bug related with caché or something like that. I checked that when I change the order in my local smart playlist and I export immediately after, the exported playlist don't change. When the export process end I export again (without change anything) the exported playlist change!!
  3. In the next 2 screenshot I had my local playlist sorted by BPM and the USB empty. I changed the sort to Artist y my local playlist and I exported immediately the playlist to the USB (First screenshot, the sort wasn't correct). Immediately after this I removed the playlist from the USB again and I exported the second time (Second screenshot, the sort was correct!!)
  4. I tried some times with different sort columns and It always was the same logic, the first export didn't change and the second export yes!


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