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Run out of ideas...DJM900 not recording - HELP PLEASE!

Apologies for another post on this matter. I have previously been able to record and I have reviewed all recent posts but not been able to solve my problems.

I'm trying to record a mix via Audacity and my DJM900nxs + CDJs 2000nxs.

When I hit play on my CDJs there is no signal/waveform detected by Audacity.

Audacity is finding the DJM900 ok, I've changed the output and recording settings within Audacity to DJM900 all ok.

I've connected up my DJM900 to my laptop via USB cable.

Connected an RCA to single 3.5mm  from the REC OUT port on back of DJM900 to the headphone port on my laptop.

Pioneer Utility program = mixer audio output is set to REC OUT on USB 1/2 (and mixer input is configured with digital since that's how I've connected up my CDJs). I can see that the Utility program is showing the laptop and mixer as 'connected'.

USB cable works fine as it's the one from my MIDI controller and Ableton can communicate with it.

Firmware is latest to date.

I've run out of ideas, any ideas why Audacity cannot detect the output from the DJM900 please?


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Apologies for not answering your question. Does recording through RB work ?

I had an episode along with others when my DJM2000 nexus couldnt record for months.

I have 900nxs2 now and use the Rec app.

Best tenner i've spent as i haven't got any hair left to pull out.

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I've not actually tried to record using RB so will give that a go thanks!

And which app is that, is it native software to pioneer? And does it require any other devices/cables?

P.S> If anyone else has ideas as to why it's stopped on Audacity please let me know as it's really frustrating and need to get some mixes recorded asap!

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