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Pioneer xprs issues??

Pioneer xprs 12
Hi there. Need help with my new purchase of these speakers.

Just got to say 1st these sound incredible! Good job done but I don’t know if I have any problems.

When I switch these on with or without any inputs and with all gain controls turned off, after the red limit light goes off the speakers make a popping sound. Both driver and horn. They also have a hiss and again with no inputs and with the gain control turned off.

Does anyone have these that can chime in? Does this happen with yours? I love you these speakers but I’m aware that speaker popping can damage the cones so I’m on the verge to return them.

I’m also aware that a few people mentioned there’s issues with input 1 and to use input 2 instead. Can someone clarify what the issue is?

Also both my speakers have a white and blue dot sticker on them. What does this mean? I’m aware also that the stickers mean that they have been fixed or repaired at some point although these where brand new.

Hopefully someone can help me before I send these back for another brand which I really don’t want to do.

Thanks in advance!

Phillip Haggerwood




I have four XPRS12 that I just bought 6 weeks ago. Last night I used one pair for only the second time and the amp module died. I too have a white dot on the dead speaker.

I know from prior experience that the Powersoft digimod amp modules are extremely unreliable but this is ridiculous.

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