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Activate a loop manually

It would be great if one could activate a loop during playback. Just like you exit one using 'EXIT'.

Here is an example of a practical situation. Let's say I have got a bunch of loops stored in the memory. A track is playing and I am looking at the different loops that are stored in the memory to see (not listening) if I could use one to transition the track.. Suppose I see a nice 8-bar loop I like to use.. but it just happens to be already playing in the third bar or so (whilst the loop is not engaged). In this case I would like to turn the loop ON without playing this particular loop from the start. I want to engage / activate the loop so it will work once it reached the end of the loop. 

So instead of / alongside 'RELOOP' I would really like something like ACTIVATE LOOP (note this is very very different of 'ACTIVE LOOP'). 


As far as I know this is very normal behaviour in Serato and I really came accustomed to it. And frankly I'm a bit surprised it's not featured in Rekordbox.. Or am I overlooking something?? 

Bart Hoogendijk



Yep, and so is the HOT LOOP function (in Serato) where you can turn any hot cue into a hot loop simply by calling that hot cue from the HOT LOOP pad mode. It's something that we've requested in past but I'll make sure it's on the list for suggestions.

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Thank you Pulse! So this was August. Curious if its gonna be there soon 'cause I would really like to use this using RB Performance mode. It's nice that controllers nowadays kind of mimic cdj's but actually the cdjs are for me one step behind because I use a lot of cuepoints and pads. Same goes for the looping-function on cdj's. It just can be way much better. Indeed Serato has got it right. Also: once playing in a loop that has a cue (and also a hot cue) in the beginning of the loop; the loop gets turned off as you hit that cue-button or pad! I would surely prefer that the loop stays active until I say so using the exit button.
So please please please fix these two issues as it is your duty being the industry standard ;).. oh and implement it on the next gen cdjs as well! Glad I can support you with my advice, it's free.. :-) You're welcome. Haha seriously thank you for pushing this through! . 

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