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[MacOS only] new tutorials converting from Serato and Traktor to Rekordbox

After this I'll go quiet again unless there is something shocking or revolutionary to report. But I think this is relevant to some of you Rekordbox users. 

I've just released version 3.701 of the DJ Conversion Utility - DJCU.
This is mainly a technical and bug fix release. There are no features added just some reported bugs were fixed and some technical housekeeping was changed under the hood.

However with this release I've created 2 new quick tutorial videos. These tutorials are aimed at the first time/novice DJCU user and meant to get you going in a step-by-step fashion. Just mimic what I do on the video in your collection and you'll be good to go.
I can highly recommend these videos to anyone new to DJCU or to them interested in what DJCU can do.

Converting from Traktor to Rekordbox

Converting from Serato to Rekordbox

For those of you unfamiliar with the ATGR Production Team, I only do MacOS. I simply lack the knowledge to support the Window platform to the degree I can support MacOS. There will never be a Windows version of any of my apps.

However there are methods to use DJCU to convert from a Windows Serato/Traktor/VDJ collection to Rekordbox windows. A MacOS capable computer/hackintosh/Virtual Machine is required tho to run DJCU.

The tutorials are in my YT channel.