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Rekordbox Video Update + Usb Export + DDJ XP1 question

1. Is there any information about the video plugin update.
1.1.Still cannot have the rekordbox app in fullscreen while having video output on full screen.
1.2. Perhaps mixing playlists is not that important as, tagging, and adding to tag list, or adding to shortcut playlist. 

In order to get mixing video and audio playlists and having the sync to usb function well, perhaps and automated video to mp3 conversion while syncing playlist to usb would do the job.
You could have the free 128kbps included in every rekordbox and a payed 320kbps adition.
1.3. Channel fader mixing. Not only via crossfader would be nice. Serato video has that option for the people that dont use the crossfader that much. Mixemergency not yet. But both serato video and mixemergency have some cool effects that react to audio singnal, or to grid. I still feel like rekordbox is not fully utilising the grid potential. 

2. DDJ Xp1 - is there going to be implemented an option for sample sequencing? Recording and calling sequences?

3. Besides all this, why dont you compare loop decreasing of Traktor to the one in Rekordbox. Traktor is much more fluid and instant when it comes to decreasing the value of the loop. Within rekordbox there is a feeling of always being late when trying to get lower loop value and remixing certain sequence of the song played.