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Djm 450 - Driver Asio - Problem with Ableton

Hi, I have a Djm450, with its latest Firmware and the latest Asio Drivers in my Windows 10 64-bit.
when I select the Pioneer ASIO DRIVER in ABLETON 10, the midis inputs immediately stop working.
The midi inputs do not work, even with my Launchpad Pro, my m audio oxygen 2 or with the computer keyboard
the midi inputs and outputs of the Djm 450 are disabled
If I use other audio cards (native instrument, focusrite) or the Asio4all controller, the midi works again ... so it's clear that the problem is with the asio pioneer drivers.
Do you have any solution for this BIG problem?

Palladino Pablo




Hi, I have excatly the same problem (Also running Win 10 Pro 64bit). I've just purchased a brand new Push 2 with Ableton Live 10 Suite. When I select the ASIO driver for the DJM-450 the Push 2 just plays one not of say a drum kit & then locks up. DJM-450 also on the latest firmware, Push 2 does kind of work when I select the MME/DirectX driver type & Pioneer Line with WAVE option i.e. the pads actually respond ok but getting loads of distortion etc. So desperatley need a ASIO driver solution for this.

Paul Hayes 0 票
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