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Please improve Beatport Link Search Engine

Hello Rekordbox DJ - Team!

I just downloaded a new version of Rekordbox DJ, and I'm testing new Beatport Link! And I must say, it's great! Nice Job! The only thing about it is: I wish to have not only "Playlists" but also Charts, DJ-Charts, Hype-playlists, Newest Tracks – so the whole infrastructure, that Beatport already has on their web-site. You can't really use "Tracks"-Tab, because its loading the WHOLE Beatport-Collection in it, you can't really sort it. As you open it, it loads loads loads.... 8000 Tracks, 9000 Tracks so far... You know what I mean...

Please, add sub categories, like
Best of Month (September, October, etc.)
Top-Tracks by Genre
Top-Tracks by DJs

And maybe, like I said, something like Tracks-suggestions, so if I take one track, so I can discover very randomly similar Tracks.

Thank you guys!
Looking forward to see this in future updates :)
DJ Gobox

Garri Gobox




Beatport Link's search capabilities are awful.  I thought Soundcloud was bad... wowzers, not even close.  Once you get the hang of Soundcloud's search, the biggest issue is trying to avoid the samplers/demos.

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