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Squid Feature Improvements - Pattern Chaining and Global Pattern Triggers

So I picked up the Squid on release and for the most part I'm very happy with it. I use it for studio use and use it as the brain of my setup that includes a modular system and various hardware synths and sequencers. I use it for composing songs and live jams and find it very creative and it works very well connecting everything together.

For me the two biggest features that would improve the Squid is pattern chaining and some form of global pattern triggering across all tracks on the Squid.
Chaining various patterns would allow for more interesting song sections as the sequencer is limited to 64 steps.
Instead of a song mode having the ability to globally make all tracks on the Squid trigger the same pattern number would be very good. You could set your "Chorus" to all be set to pattern 4 and trigger it all at the same time. What would be even better also combining this with pattern chaining. So pattern for is chained to 4-5-6 and then globally triggering these triggers the pattern chains across each channel.

These features would really improve the Squid.

Ryan Green