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Reset tempo on load

I noticed that rekordbox does not have a straightforward way to reset the tempo to 0. I know that the way they recommend is to take the slider and "grab" the point where the tempo is set and bring it back to 0. I find this to be very awkward, especially when the track is track is playing (The tempo range dynamically jumps around from+-5 to +-10 to wide, why? Another question for another day.)
Currently I have the Master tempo button remapped to do a tempo reset, but this seems to be a feature that should be optional. Every software I used up till now had a "reset pitch on load" feature.
How do you guys handle this? Do you sometimes forget to reset the pitch and have awkward moments like me? If this a way to reset tempo on load?
Dennis Gruetter




This isn't an issue that I have had since I tend to not move my pitch very much on tracks and if I do I reset as I go up in bpm.  This is more of a suggestion for product features, so I'm going to move this to that forum so it's seen by the engineers..

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