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Sampler Deck Output Selection

I am using the sampler deck in DVS with the Interface-2 using control vinyl.

I see 4 x banks of 8 samples for each deck, but the output of BOTH / ALL decks comes out of the same output.

Lets say I set the sampler deck output to 1, but I am playing a track via deck 2 on output 2. Logically I will have the crossfader of my mixer over on input 2, yet the sampler deck is still playing the samples from deck 2 via output 1. If I want to hear the samples I need to switch the output over to 2. 

Surely the sampler output for each deck should match its parent deck output? In my case that would mean deck 1 samples play out of output 1, and deck 2 samples play out of deck 2, and so on.

I see a similar suggestion for this was made in 2015 ("Suggestion: Separate audio outputs selectable for deck A and B") but no reply was given.

If that feature isn't likely to be added, why not just have the option to play samples via both outputs at the same time, instead of toggling between single outputs?

Currently the sampler is unworkable for me if I have to keep switch outputs while I am concentrating on mixing. Please give it some consideration :)

Henry Bainbridge




That's a good idea.

The sampler deck does look like it should be two banks of 8 under each deck - but is one bank of 16.

It's not the most use-able feature in RB TBF. I'd like to be able to drag and drop from the sampler bay to the player for instance - then if I have banks of samples available - I can grab them quite quickly to whatever deck.

Also being able to save and load the banks would be good, as for instance, during a set you can easily use all of the 64 sections - but a trance sample set would be very different from say a Hip Hop sample set!

I have voice over samples for different themed nights, and only use them for that specific night, so it's a bit of a faff changing it. I tend to use playlists instead, but this does mean there's a whole area of RB that doesn't work for me.

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