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HELP HELP Rekordbox Crash with DJM 900NXS2


(see video)

Today I received my used DJM900NXS2 year of construction January 2018 in an optically perfect condition. After connecting to Rekordbox the complete system including rekordbox, the new DDJ-XP2, crahste. I am URGENTly dependent on this system because I have to prepare my gig and it is the only Mxer I have (I sold the predecessor yesterday). I have a DJM S9, but it doesn't do me any good with my setup.

All drivers are up to date. MacOs is NOT on Catalina, but on Siéra High. Rekordbox is on the current version 5.7.0. The DDJ-XP2 arrived today. The DJM-S9 is also up to date.

The previous system was DJM 900NXS with Rekordbox and DDJ-XP1 or DJM-S9 with DDJ-XP1. Two Reloop 7000MK2 and two XDJ-1000 are used in each case. The previous system worked perfectly and without any disturbance. An XDJ has now also been replaced by the DJS-1000, which also functions without any problems.

The DJM 900NXS2 has been correctly connected to all cables in offline mode. When starting Rekordbox the message to update to the corresponding driver appeared. The installation worked at the 2nd start because Rekordbox crashed. For security reasons I made a backup of my library and install rekordbox over the existing version. I also uninstall all mixer drivers and install them when Rekordbox is activated. After the installation was finished, I started rekordbox , the DJM 900NXS2 and the XP2. The standard setup 2 turntables and 2 XDJ was not changed and the turntables were connected to channel 2 and channel 3 (DVS) as well as the XDJ with USB. The DJM 900NX2 was restored with factory reset.

After I started the DVS, the sound started to play first, then the relative mode suddenly didn't work anymore (the DVS was on STOP but continued to run in rekordbox (see video) and the DDJ XP2 suddenly switched off and the sound was also gone. As soon as the DJM900NXS2 was switched off, the XP2 was activated again and the sound came through the Built In channel. If only the XDJ are used, the same happens, after a few seconds the system rekordbox shoots itself off.


Mark Rebell




Good luck.  My sense is that nobody at Pioneer/Rekordbox really monitors the forum with any regularity.  I'd open a ticket if I were you but that is a black hole as well.  Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but I have had no real luck getting help with my Rekordbox issues.  It's a total bummer.


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@Phil > Yes we do -- I was just out of town!

@Mark > What happens if you don't have the XP2 connected?


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