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Best PA speakers for DDJ-400?

Hello. I've been using the DDJ-400 for a few months now and think it's great, but I'm completely new to audio output. For audio at home I've been using speakers connected to my laptop that output sound. I'm unsure as to what PA speakers I should buy for this controller that would cover a medium sized house party or a medium sized garden. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
Seán Edwards




In general I think for home use it does not matter what you buy. Go and listen to the speakers (always) and buy what you like. The problem with your set is that I cannot find any reviews. Chance is great they are crap.

If people are paying money please do not show up with some bad cheap speakers. They are not reliable. You will have to sell them and loose money + no reputation is being build up. They will never book you again. I did start with one birthday party and now the whole family books me again and again. More weddings, birthday party's, etc... And that's how you grow.

There are options. You can buy some second hand good quality speakers. Or you can rent a quality PA system until you've saved enough money.

I started with a pair of second hand QSC K10's. It's a serious investment, I know. But 6 years later, I'm still using them as backup, as monitor or for background music in the reception hall for a wedding. So after all these years they are still earning me money. A cheap speaker would have been trashed, broken or sold for nothing.

Also, if you decide to quit, you can always sell quality equipment, with some luck, for the same price as you bought them.

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