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Sample Banks and Features for Samples

While Rekordbox supports the use and trigger of samples which is great it seems fairly limited to utilize samples in a DJ set .

Some basic features that would have helped to begin witth are the following  . Any idea of whether it can be done or can be expected anytime ?

1. Sample Banks cannot be stored and retrieved . There could have been a option to save banks and load them easily in rekordbox. Limited feature at the moment.

2. Pitch Shifting samples can help re-use of samples with new songs 

3. Effect( FX ) support for samples . This will help alter the sound of samples as we re-use it in the set.

Also is there a way to get such feedback to the development team of rekordbox  than just posting these requirements in the forum ? If there is a group that is taking feature requests for rekordbox , that will be great to be part  of . 



zach ninan