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Using both Traktor and Serato at same time on DJM-900NXS2

Hi All,


There has been a similar post here but about CDJs so I'm starting this as a new thread. 

I have two turntables and I use serato with control vinyl.

I am considering getting the DJM-900NXS2 as I need two USB ports for guest DJs to slot in easily, but one of my regular guests uses Traktor and won't change! We often play back to back, switching every few songs so we need an easy solution.  

Has anyone done things this way> Can we just have two laptops into the mixer, with one on serato, one on traktor and just changing the control vinyl/channel as we switch over? Will it glitch/explode my  mixer? Would another mixer be better?


Thanks all, and hope you can help before I shell out a kings ransom on this :-)

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Yes you can, and go nuts - it works great.

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