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Catalina - Rekordbox 4 updated to RB 5 - collection not imported

Hi all, I missed the warnings not to upgrade and unfortunately do have Catalina now.

The Rekordbox app (some version of RB 4 I think) did not even open after this upgrade. It just flashed shortly 'reading files'. After which the app appeared to be open but there was no window available. Only way to exit was to force quit. 

I downloaded RB 5.7.0 now but the collection and RB playlists are not imported. I tried exporting the library XML file out of I-Tunes Music, and importing it in Rekordbox but it did not work. Hardware: DJM900nexus and XDJ-1000. 

Would anyone be able to describe how to get the collection and playlists RB 5.7.0 ?

thanks a lot 

Mattijs van Andel




Without trying to open rekordbox again, take a look in this folder and see if the datafile.edb or any backup files exist:


If so, rename the datafile.edb to datafile.old, and rename one of the backup files to datafile.edb, and see if it works to launch rekordbox.

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