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High Sierra to Catalina - loss of iTunes

I have acquired a new Apple phone which requires me to update the OS on my desktop Mac from High Sierra to, presumably, Catalina, to perform the necessary swap of data from my old iPhone (as I don't use 'clouds').

I am aware that I will lose my iTunes as the update will automatically swap it out for Apple Music and also that this won't be an ongoing method to drag and drop tracks from there into Rekodbox.

Before I update, am I right in thinking I could download all my current iTunes tracks into Rekordbox and that they will all continue to work once I 'lose' iTunes (and adopt 'Music) - or will each track need to be loaded directly into Rekordbox again once I have done the update?




neil ruddock




So I got impatient and took the plunge despite warnings to hold off and it's been fine so far.  The only snag for your library is you need to export the Music library to XML every time you make changes but that's not much effort:

Everything else is working fine for me, all drivers and rekordbox seems ok.  The Music app definitely doesn't max out CPU anymore which is good but the simplification does annoy me a little bit.  They've made some small changes which are stupidly annoying and if you use list view in iTunes and have lots of playlists be prepared for all your field options to be reset.  Also if you use Doug Scripts be aware most of those won't work anymore although every day he's remaking them for the Music app.

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