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File Location Conventions

RekordBox 5.6 x64 on Windows 10.


Ok, so I'll try to explain what happened:

Last week, hours before a gig, my music disk got corrupted. RekordBox was still able to play some files, but when I tried to export a playlist to a USB-stick, that stick would become corrupted as well. 
This basically meant that ALL the links in my RekordBox database are useless.

Now, I still had all my music. Namely in all the USB's which I exported all the playlists too. So I figured, I'll just copy all the Content folders onto a new disk (internal or external) and have RekordBox relink all the tracks. I know they are no longer in their original location, but since their ordered in RekordBox' preferred way, it shouldn't be too big of a problem. 
Even though I prefer ordering my tracks by Date, I already gave into ordering everything by (f'ing) Artist and Album.

RekordBox' Relink All Missing Files works like a charm, IF EVERYTHING IS IN THE SAME FOLDER. Which I really think is not the workflow anyone should pursue. 

So my question is: is there a way to get RekordBox to search for all the missing files according to the way it exports them to USB, or is it really going to be me sitting behind my computer for the next year relinking over 10k tracks..?

With kind regards,


Kasper Koudenburg