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1フォロワー フォローする

Tempo play change 1 Player mode?


An unusual question.  I have two primary uses for Rekordbox:

1) Organization of my music materials for export USB for my CDJ2000NXS2's.

2) I use it as a music player (like iTunes) when I teach indoor cycling.  This gives me the ability to keep it all in one software and I can "see" the music while I'm teaching.  

For my second usage, I make a playlist in Rekordbox and connect my laptop to the sound system using the accessory output.  I do not pass through a controller.

My question is, can I change the play tempo for a song in software?  A ton of my music is 120-124bpm.  But I'd like to play some or all of these songs at 128-132bpm.  Without having a controller with a tempo slide, is there a way for me to do this in Rekordbox with just my laptop in 1 player mode?  



The 120-124 cadence is just a bit slower than I want it to be.