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[macOS Catalina] Rekordbox 5.8.0 fails to use PC MASTER output with Bluetooth sound speaker

OS: macOS Catalina 10.15.1 (19B88)

Rekordbox: 5.8.0 rev.17328-16157-16139

Steps to reproduce

  1. Connect JBL-3 sound speaker via Bluetooth to the laptop
  2. Set JBL-3 as a system output (System Preferences -> Sound -> Click on connected JBL-3 sound speaker)
  3. Start Rekordbox 5.8.0
  4. Connect DDJ-400 via USB
  5. Go to Preferences -> Audio -> Select DDJ-400 as audio output -> Set PC-Master Output checkbox.

Actual behaviour: Rekordbox deselects PC Master Output checkbox. If I start playing a track Rekorbox plays it via laptop embedded sound speaker.

Expected behaviour: Rekordbox plays sound via JBL-3 connected via Bluetooth to the laptop.

Notes: Rekordbox 5.8.0 for Windows does not have this problem.

Andrey Selkin



That could be entirely due to how the macOS handles audio to a BT device; we can't guarantee its performance with rekordbox, sorry.

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