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File manager doesn't work

Hi Guys,


I had my files directly in the root of my  HD ( my HD name is called Music ).So under Music I have a Folder called Beatport and there under I have again subfolders. After the upgrade to Catalina this main Beatport folder was moved to a folder created by Catalina which is called "Relocated Items". Apparently it is not allowed anymore to have own created folder directly under the root of the HD because of security reasons. No here it comes......I therefore moved this folder to another location. Now I go to Rekordbox and see that all my files are missing. So....steps to fix this....


1 File -> Dislpay All Missing Files

2. Make sure all files are selected ( in my case +30.000 )

3. Press Relocate 

4. Select the file on the O/S and click ok

5. Rekordbox now asks if it needs to relocate all other files based on this location

6. Press YES.....

7. Rekord walks thru all +30.000 files and ends up which the message "0 files found"

8. Not amused :-(

9. Help is most wanted !!




Ollever Buschan