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Instant connection with RB 3.3 and no connection with paid RB version.

A friend of mine still runs the old and free RB 3.3 version on his laptop, but he might want to upgrade to the RB full and paid version. Both versions are installed on his laptop now, but there is a strange problem:

When RB 3.3 is active and the LAN cable of the NXS set is plugged in the laptop, RB 3.3 automaticly sees the set, and he can begin mixing.

When RB full paid version (still in 30 day trail mode, to test first, etc.) is active, and the LAN cable is plugged in the laptop, nothing happends. RB does not see any hardware, and the CDJ-2000NXS players do not react when the [REKORDBOX] knob next to the display is pushed.

What could be the problem? The Trail version with limited access, or some kind of steps and settings which need to be done first?

(I did not fysicly try this my self, this is what was explained remotely to me. So unfortunately I can not give all the details.)