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Soundcloud only search go +

Is it possible to add an option to only display soundcloud go+ tracks when searching for a track? Now it's very difficult to find the original track between all those free remixes.





Got the same problem - wonder why there is no search filter option, when searching for tracks in Soundcloud Go+ in Rekordbox?


Workaround: search directly in Soundcloud (webbrowser) - it has much better filter-options - then like the track you need or make a playlist with it. If Rekordbox is open and in use during your search (which it probably will be, when you do this during a "live"-session, since you're playing off of it) in the webbrowser, refresh the Soundcloud-bar in Rekordbox - and you'll see your tracks in your Soundcloud Library in Rekordbox...


It's not the most elegant workflow - but it works while we wait for filteroptions...

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