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DDJ 1000SRT- Sound distortion and Crackling with tracks plays incorrectly(altered speed)

I recently got a DDJ 1000SRT and 1. I've been noticing that some tracks were not playing correctly sometime at slowed speed compared to the visible BPM (I confirmed tracks are good downloads) 2. There is this sound distortion and Crackling when playing especially during Crossfader transition. ( this was happening in my studio with the monitors) so I will put off and on and it will be OK again, but after a few transitions it will start again. So this also happened in an event recently when projecting on a PA system, so I had to quickly switch gears to my SX2 which worked perfectly and saved the day. 3. I also observed a complete melt down Crackling non-audible sound output once when my Mac battery was low, when I plugged it to power the sound remained bad until I restarted the gear. For now I am concerned and can't bring out my new gear, pls help!
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