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PLX 1000 RPM

a week ago now I purchased the turnatable. just gathered some vinyl etc etc installed rekordbox & purchased the rekordbox vinyl when i first played back via dvs bpm flutuation up and down like a yo yo. then tested via records with heavy melodic sounds ie an album of Enya the playback isnt pleasing at all like someones riding the pitch at +50 


im trying to rule out human error and desperate to do so.

turntable is connected to DDJ - RZ channel d appropriate settings etc.

needle is audio technica xp7 




A great way to verify this would be with an RPM app like this one for iOS or this one for Android. Ultimately, a stopwatch and counting rotations is the best way to measure speed, but it sounds like you're dealing with some wow & flutter, so watching the strobes on the side and using that app can provide a bit more detail. If it turns out the PLX is not spinning smooth and accurately, don't hesitate to take it back to the dealer for an exchange. Let them know the issue and they'll swap it for you.

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i see the wow and flutter as well, in my dj software.
and its not the currected 0,01% its definitely the 0,1%


can i replace the pitch fader? or is the motor or the electric inside the problem?


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