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Making it easier to relocate missing files in rekordbox

Please, Please, Please make it easier to locate missing files.  I keep my files very organized on my hard drive, to the point i have multiple folders in folders that keeps my music very clean and easy to find. When it comes to relocating missing files, I can't just have it look through the first folder of the multi folder thread I have. I have to go to the exact location where the missing file is.  I know you can search for the file in the search window, but this does not help with speeding things up as I have to relocate multiple times due to the amount of folders in my hard drive.  It would be super nice if you could just click on the hard drive in the relocate all missing files window and it go through that whole hard drive looking for music that was added to rekordbox.  Please make this fix it will save a lot of people time. Thank you!

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This is really only an issue if you've been moving the files around within folders. If you've moved a batch of files within folders, they would typically remain in the same structure and thus finding one, would allow the system to recreate the path to the rest of them. While there is a fix for this coming, my recommendation to any DJ is always to take care of what you're doing with your collection and don't give your software a reason to lose your files -- move them to their destination before you import them.

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