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Please Implement DMX Control in Lighting Mode

I would like to be able to use the lighting mode to actually control my DMX equipment. There are so many extra features like scenes and mood, and patterns, but the core element of DMX control is not there.

True control over DMX means that I should be able to say that I want DMX channel 12 to have a value of 67 at such and such a beat in the music, and interpolate to 127 by such and such a beat.

Maddeningly, everything necessary is already there. The envelope to control the dimmer is great (though of course bezier handles would be nice too) Just give us the option to use that same track envelope on all the channels.

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That's not the intention of the rekordbox lighting function - this is not a full-fledged lighting suite, but rather a plugin to automate and synchronize the movement and lighting with the music. Our team is working to improve the lighting functions and improve the current features, however the granular control you're asking about is unlikely to be included.

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I understand that a full-fledged lighting suite is a lot to ask for, and your developers don't really have time to work on that kind of granular control.

To help you out, I have written the bulk of the necessary code myself, and I hereby donate it freely for Pioneer to use in its software. Here it is:

void granularControlFunction(Fixture fixture)
    int channelArray[] = fixture::getChannelArray(); //get array currently storing channel data for the fixture
    for (auto channel : channelArray) // for every channel assigned to this fixture...
       CallFunctionThatIsCurrentlyGeneratingTrackEnvelopeForDimmer(channel); // Create a track envelope and apply its values to the channel just like is currently done for the dimmer
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I appreciate your desire to want to contribute code to this project, but it doesn't just work that way.

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