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MiDI connection: Xkey —> SQUID

Hello Everyone,

I have a CME Xkey MIDI keyboard [.https://www.cme-pro.com/xkey-photos/ ]. It does not need to be connected to the electrical outlet. For example I connect it to an iPad to run software synths like so

Xkey has a micro USB connector —> micro USB to USB B cable —> USB to Lightning connector camera kit adapter —> iPad

Can anyone suggest a way to connect it to the my SQUID via the DIN MIDI IN? Is this just a cable/adapter I need or will this need a connection to electricity as well? I would like to achieve this set up [ https://youtu.be/c8x-cMPG8-0 ] but with my Xkey as a MIDI source. 

Thank you!

Zig Zag