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DJ RB-DMX1 it works 50%

Hi. Some time ago I bought Your Dj RB-DMX1 controller. I asked for creating fixtures for my devices, because I knew, they weren't in Your library. After a week You updated the fixtures and it all seemd fine. I added devices in software but unfortunatley I was very disappointed. Lights work only in half, they manage to perform simple tasks like dimmer or color change, but ther's no gobo, prism or rotation. Laser can't be set properly just like other effects form fx category. They all light only in two presets, even if they have 10 of them. I read other posts on Your official forum and it seems that other functions will be added with future updates, question is when exactly? I was wondering, why would You release a product, that dosen't fulfill users requirements and works only in 50%? I have to mention, that I was wery happy with Your mixers, controllers and CD players and always recommended them to other people. That makes me even more disappointed with how things turned out to be. I ask You for a quick solution to this problem. Regards, Damian

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Thank you for your feedback - we're aware that there are a number of features / functions that DJs have requested regarding lighting control, and we hope to include them in a future update.

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