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Export playlist to other pc

Hi everyone,

I have a problem with Rekordbox playlists...
I have a desktop PC on which I have all my music, here I installed Rekordbox, I connected my DDJ400 and everything works fine.
On this computer I analyze the tracks, set and save cues and loops, prepare my playlists, etc...
To play around I have a laptop on which I installed Rekordbox... I would like to copy on this computer the playlists that I prepare "at home" to use them "live".

But here's the problem:
I can't get the playlists on the laptop ... I transfer the audio files, but I no longer have grids, cues, loops, order of tracks ... practically as if I had prepared them with another program!

I searched the forum, but found only news related to synchronization; I just want to transfer the tracks, use them for the gig and delete them (from the laptop of course)... I don't want to sync anything.
Maybe I'm a little "clumsy" ... does anyone know how it can be done?

Thanks for your help.

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Export the playlist to a USB drive, then on the other computer, connect the drive, right-click on the playlist you want, then select "Import Playlist." That will bring in the songs and the playlist, complete with grids and hot cues, etc.

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Many thanks Pulse!
you solved a big problem.
I had tried with the export, but I hadn't thought of using Rekordbox's internal browser... I am a neophyte... :-)

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