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Rekordbox ä, ö, ü, (é, è, à)

I would like to suggest an improvement in Rekordbox. 

Right now the search string does not differentiate between "a" and "à" and between "e" and "é"... that's nice.

It would be nice if the same principle is applied also for german characters like ä, ö and ü. Sometimes it's difficult to search for those characters or remember where umlauts are (I'm not German).

If I search, for example, "DJ Ötzi" in some of my files it's written "DJ Otzi" (it depends on the DJ pool origin or if I personally ripped a cd,...). 
It would be nice if searching for it the results will comprehend both Ötzi and Otzi as it's obvious that I'm searching for the same artist.

Thank you.

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One that drove me crazy for a while was KE$HA... I'd search for it as KESHA but no results would be found, so I wound up replacing the $ for an S in the filenames and metadata. It's on our list to try and be a bit more fuzzy when it comes to special characters like those you mention, so I hope to see it included in a future update. 

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Yeah.... KE$HA... grrrrrrr ;-)

It would be nice to have something in the preference to list all those special situations.

A checkbox for ä. ö, ü, so that's fast and leave to the user the option to determine if he wants this option or not.

In addition, the user can create a personalized list and add more cases.
- KE$HA ≈ Kesha
- 2 ≈ two
- Don't ≈ Dont
- DJ Oetzi ≈ DJ Ötzi --> (ö = oe)
- Deejay ≈ dj
- Vomitors ≈ Vomitiors --> (a local group that changed the name in 1992, so the old albums have a different name compared to today)
- Fatboy Slim ≈ Norman Cook

So if I know I misspell something very often I can add it to the list.

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LMAO @ Norman Cook.

Yep, lots of them there that fit my replacement templates in Yate... I'll see what they can do. ;)

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