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Rekordbox Lighting UI usage ideas

Macro editor mode: 

-- space bar should operate play/pause button

-- left/right arrows should allow you to step by beats

-- a CTRL/CMD and drag on a fixture header should allow you to re-sort the timelines vertically so you can better visualize things etc as you're editing

-- CTRL/CMD and drag on grid should allow you to select grid areas on multiple fixtures for a subset of features like color, strobe, delete. Currently too tedious to blackout a 4 beat section of lighting on all fixtures individually.

-- I noticed that during performance that it will sometimes autonomously add stroby sections right before a drop for about 4 beats. It would be nice to have some control over whether it does that over a scene or not per song.

-- There should be a way to define which setting a song uses on auto mode. i.e. Vivid, Club 1 etc. If i edit vivid, how can i be sure that if i haven't selected Vivid for my whole set, that this song in particular will play the vivid setting? Same with all of the other lighting settings that can be set to auto. Would like to be able to define what default means for a song.

Macro mapping:

-- Would love to make my own setting like vivid, hot, warm. So i can leave those intact but have my own.

-- in edit scene mode: collapse all fixtures by default that would not be present in Macro editor mode. So based on the venue fixture mapping.

-- When selecting a color for a grid area, a new dialogue for "random" color and pallet would be good. So you can have different pallets saved and it would choose a color at random from that pallet. Or at least a random hue of a selected saturation level would even be fine.

-- again, in, scene edit mode, space bar for play and arrows for stepping

-- rename custom scene

-- duplicate scene. So you can start with something you already have and add subtle things or change colors and call it something else.

Emery Ex



Hello Emery,

I forwarded your requests to the rekordbox lighting engineers. They really appreciate your insightful and realistice suggestions. Some of them such as "duplicate scene" will be included in a future update.

They logged all the feature requests you kindly reported, but we cannnot guarantee when or if they will be included in an apdate.

Thank you very much for your kind understanding.

CRM, Pioneer DJ  

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The random color would especially be sweet because i find it way too easy to pick up on patterns quickly while dancing and i want that chaotic feel with lighting, not loops.

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Sweet! Thanks for listening!

Two more:

Really want to be able to zoom out to where you can fit a 32 beat section on a full HD screen (1920px) 32 beats is a nice logical chunk of song and then i could work on that section more freely.

Zoom in and out by mouse wheel or 2 fingers on touchpad which should be same.

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