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DDJ-RR don't work on Mac

Hi team

Hopefully you can help me to connect my Pioneer DDJ-RR Controller to my Mac. It actually worked before, but after OS update to Catalina (10.15.3) the Midi don’t work.

I have installed both latest drivers 2.1.0 and firmware 1.08 but the Sound only goes out from my internal speakers and most functionalities from the controller is missing. I use Rekordbox, and in the settings (sound) I can only select the internal speakers. Even tryed other DJ applications to test it. Same problem, so I guess the problem is not Rekordbox.

I heard there is some issue using Catalina, and I have checked Systems Preferences, but not really sure what to look after. Examples in “Privacy” “Rekordbox” are marked in “Microphones”, “Files and Folders” and “Input Monitoring”.

Hopefully you have some good advise ? 

Thank you very much.

Jesper Rohr